AGPS is a powerful tool for creating, manipulating, interrogating, and visualizing geometry of any type. Aside from displaying objects as wireframe, AGPS offers a host of other display and post-processing possibilities such as, shaded images, hidden lines, contour plots, streamlines, etc. Raster Graphics are used to cover the whole spectrum of display styles from shaded models, to hidden-line removal, and solid fill displays. In addition raster graphics are used for adding titles, changing the color lookup table, and saving or restoring images.

Visually display objects in any orientation
Normals of surface
Flow field tufts
Vector fields
Streamlines on a surface and volume
Generation of plot files for on- or off-line devices
Contour lines
Constant properties in a volume
XYZ Plotting

Raster Graphics
Shaded Graphics
Texture Mapping
Image Digitizing
Wire frame display of curves, surfaces, etc.
Wire frame display with hidden lines removed
Solid color display of curves, surfaces, etc
Color-coded surface curvature
Color-coded surface scalar properties
Creating Text
Save Images

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