The geometric development platform philosophy of AGPS provides an environment that solves the expensive and sometimes unmanageable task of integrated design through the following unique combination of capabilities:

1. The sufficiency to interrogate and trace design lineage, allowing for real-time and inverse designs studies.
2. The utilization of accurate mathematical geometry models and libraries for sophisticated modeling.
3. The customizability to create development tools for unique technical and scientific studies unsupported by most commercial programs.
AGPS consists of a full range of geometry creating commands that are linked by an object-oriented data structure to programming functions, which include, mathematical operations, control constructs, (DO-Loops and IF...THEN... ELSE statements), and graphical user interfaces.

The AGPS programming environment can be categorized as follows:
Commands (Development Tools)
System Directives (Full programming functions)
Packages (Robust Macro Libraries)

AGPS is more a geometry programming language than an interactive software tool ...

  AGPS Commands are used to create and modify the AGPS data structure. There are currently over 200 geometry creating and analyzing commands within AGPS. These commands may be used to create, modify, interrogate or extract objects from existing objects.
  Fit-Surface Command dialog


  AGPS SYSTEM DIRECTIVES provide the macro capability for AGPS commands. They provide high-level constructs, namely DO-loops, IF-then-ELSE constructs, and system control functions for the command language. They also provide extraction and interrogation of AGPS objects. AGPS directives also allow the creation of advanced graphical development environments.
  The expertise of talented engineers has been “packaged” in applications and libraries actually created with AGPS’s programming language that can be used to quickly and easily model design tasks.

Leverage AGPS’s easy to use programming language to create your own technical applications.
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