Be prepared for a tool that offers power and flexibility - An integrated programming language - a development environment allowing engineers to write specialty packages for unique applications. AGPS lends itself to time-tested philosophies on modeling and design optimization, by providing accurate modeling commands and libraries of algorithms for extraction of data, evaluation of geometry, object relationships, data exchange, and visualization. AGPS is also a geometry programming language that allows the user to use the commands and features provided by the platform to develop complicated problem solution procedures that can be easily repeated with new input.

Right Out of the Box
Cost-Effective alternative to most proprietary and commercial systems.
Save manpower and computing time by easing the optimization process.
Reduce cycle times by automating segments of your process.

Dynamic Modeling Tool Development Environment Collaborative Design Space   Integrated Design Approach
Dynamic Modeling Tool

AGPS permits engineers to create accurate mathematical geometry models and libraries for the integration of geometric dependent analysis tools with geometry. Users can employ and customize utilities for unique technical and scientific development tools that are unsupported by most commercial programs.

The AGPS data structure provides a convenient structure for managing geometry, grid, and analysis data in a common framework, which can even be used by varying industry sectors to model data that can then be used by other disciplines. By mapping analysis entities to geometry, each discipline can communicate through a common geometry.

Accurate, High Quality, Surface Geometry Commands
Geometry Perturbation
N-dimensional datasets
Pre-Processing: Automated Grid Generation, Automated Paneling, and Analysis Tools
Parametric Modeling
Built-in Geometric Utilities
Post-Processing: Surface Contours, Visualization, Streamlines, Vector Fields, etc..
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AGPS allows you to utilize your expert skill sets, by developing specific toolkits that avoid time-consuming bottlenecks and adds intellectual property to your company.
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Development Environment

The geometry programming development platform philosophy of AGPS is an exception tool that can enhance your design tasks and processes.

The AGPS platform is ideal for corporations that value the accumulated knowledge of their design teams. The archival ability of AGPS provides the ability for an organization to preserve the heritage of its design philosophy and expertise for the next generation of new, talented engineers to leverage.

Automated procedures
Geometry changing with time
Production Tool Development
Design Space Optimization and Management
Integrated Design
Leverage open architecture to develop flexible graphical user interfaces.
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AGPS™ is a uniquely powerful geometry development platform specifically designed to be adaptable to the needs of the engineer.
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Collaborative Design Space

One platform does it all. AGPS facilitates sharing of proven rules, methods and tools. AGPS ensures that all team members follow design rules. Design intent is always known and stored within the relational geometry data structure. AGPS also inherently facilitates access to trade-specific expertise.

Implement complex database geometric systems.
Implement decision-making packages.
Complete project tasks in one format for easy transfer between groups.
Integrate in-house codes.
New users rapidly reach full productivity.
Integrated Design Approach

It’s time to solve strategic development challenges and close the design-process loop. High-analysis design environments are usually suppressed by the pre-programmed constraints of currently available tools that force engineers to develop work-around solutions and even make their own utilities. AGPS allows the entire geometric design process to be fluid and integrated end-to-end.

Archived Knowledge
A key feature in all modeling is the capability to record both the results of interactive operations and the operations themselves. This makes it possible to go back and inspect your work, change something, and automatically update the model. AGPS allows the user to enter and extract information at any part of the design phase in any formatted structure. It is the capture and maintenance of these activities that enables a new paradigm for geometric and parametric design.
ToolBox Approach
AGPS makes the design process easier, less expensive, and logical by providing the engineer with the toolset to be creative. Whether it is automation or accurate mathematics, AGPS has every tool an engineer would need.
Design Optimization
AGPS is a platform that closes the design loop, by allowing the development of geometric/analysis applications necessary at every stage of design. AGPS removes these concerns because no geometry is "thrown out." Each discipline uses and adds geometry as needed.

AGPS allows the user to enter and extract information at any part of the design phase in any formatted structure.
“ In a rapid design process, sharing bad geometry from one design to another increases design cycle time and cost." AGPS removes these concerns because no geometry is "thrown out". Each discipline can use and add geometry as needed from one model to another with clever toolkits.
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