Product Overview
AGPS™ is the exceptional geometric modeling platform developed by The Boeing Company.

The main goal of AGPS™ has always been to provide technical staff, with accurate and time saving, design modeling capabilities that they can use to enhance their development processes.

As such, AGPS™ is a revolution in design cycle development and management that has been accomplished by a unique combination of:
Advanced Geometric Modeling
Integrated Development Environment
Collaborative Design Space

Integrate Knowledge
Improve Engineering Efficiency
Advanced Modeling
Enhanced Design Optimization
These abilities make AGPS™ a cost-effective alternative to most proprietary and commercial systems. Envision saving manpower and computing time by easing the optimization process.
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Through the use of AGPS™ technology extensive savings and time reduction can be achieved by automating processes, especially those that are cyclic, or iterative. Additional savings can be realized by having technology experts create processes that can be executed by non-experts. These processes can be archived and become the heritage of a company. Distributed with AGPS™ are many macros, or command files, which automate many everyday engineering design, pre-processing, analysis, and post-processing tasks with the ability to easily expand new capabilities for your special needs.

Inspire creativity
If you are in the business of change and breakthrough, you need power, flexibility and ingenuity. Your tools need to empower your talented staff not replace them. AGPS™ allows technology experts to create processes and applications that can be used throughout an enterprise.

Shorten development time. Increase productivity and profits.
AGPS™ allows you to utilize your expert skill sets, by developing specific toolkits that avoid time-consuming bottlenecks and adds intellectual property to your company. AGPS™ helps reduce development times by automating repeatable segments of your engineering process and enabling less experienced engineers to solve complex problems.

Technology experts create processes that can be executed by non-experts …

Entire processes can be automated…

Engineers at Boeing find that the freedom to choose exactly the right tool for the task is critical for the efficient design of their aircraft and spacecraft. As such, they developed a flexible geometry programming language that handles design tasks that would usually require two or three different software packages.

Immediate and continuos development modification
As new and technical and scientific problems arise this flexible system provides the capabilities needed to immediately react to design process changes. Needs that traditional CAD tools were not intended to solve.

Trace design lineage and methods
When team members share the AGPS™ platform they can share knowledge of the underlying design parameters and design lineage rather than merely exchanging data files. Allowing collaborating teams to share accurate geometry and develop tools specifically intended to reduce their turnaround times.

'I can create or duplicate any existing software tool …. with AGPS™'

Revolutionize performance and affordability
Modeling with AGPS™ permits engineers to create accurate mathematical models for the integration of geometric dependent analysis tools with their configuration models. The AGPS™ programming language can create manipulate and interrogate, n-dimensional datasets, i.e., data that can depict time, position, fluid properties, and other data.

Superior mathematics and surface quality
The development platform philosophy of AGPS™, is a powerful and efficient tool endowed with advanced modeling algorithms, which have been vigorously validated and continuously improved over the years. Parametric mathematics technology provides the most robust methods for extraction and analysis of curve, surface, and solid data. Built-in mathematical models handle tasks such as surface discontinuity, slope matching, and specifications for degree of geometry fit.

AGPS™ is the most accurate geometry definition possible …

Since no design problem is ever solved just once as the design evolves. The ability to quickly rerun an entire design or analysis problem without having to repeat hundreds of interactive computer steps is paramount in a geometry programming language.

Reduce design cycle time and understand designs better
The AGPS™ platform has the ability to make geometry and analysis manipulations a transparent part of your design process. By limiting direct user interactions, the AGPS™ programming language allows multiple parametric design iterations to be performed in a timely manner. AGPS™ can alleviate the time-consuming workarounds necessary with other software tools and integrate your current legacy tools allowing your engineers to concentrate on the premise of design intent.

AGPS™ is a revolutionary suite of tools for making knowledge capture not just possible, but efficient, practical and powerful.

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