Calmar Research's success depends upon the technical excellence of its staff. Most of our engineers have advanced degrees, and all bring an unusual depth of understanding to their work. The skill and dedication of our staff enable us to respond with speed, precession, and ingenuity, as evidenced by our client base of elite organizations around the world.

PRESIDENT: Garvin F.T. Forrester
As an engineer at Dynacs Engineering Mr. Forrester was involved in the fuel efficiency re-design effort for leading truck manufacturers in the U.S. This effort lead to involvement in a NASA/DoE study on the aerodynamic effects of a tractor-trailer combination at highway speeds. He has worked on contracts for Boeing in which he developed methodology for the application of Boeing's AGPS design package to special problems in near-sonic flight. Garvin was instrumental in the assessment of the commercial market for the AGPS software.

As the head of Calmar Research, he has led the efforts to market software with successful product development and marketing efforts to organizations such as Lockheed Martin and Mitsubishi.


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