Research and Development

Calmar Research provides engineering services to a diverse international customer base. Since 2001, we have served industry and governement on the frontiers of product and process technology. Our engineering consulting busness provides clients with a reliable team member that has uniuqe exposure to methods and tools, only found in very large aerospace integrators. Combining judgment and sophisticated scientific, mathematical, computational, and experimental methods, we have a reputation for skill and creativity in the solution of difficult problems.

We offer our clients a broad range of services, including:
  • Applied Research
  • Technology Development
  • Analysis and Modeling
  • Non-Linear Aerodynamics
  • Design Optimization
  • Simulation and Reverse Engineering

  • Non-Linear Aerodynamics

    Calmar Research offers extensive experience in fluid-dynamic design and analysis in a variety of fields including aircraft design, automotive design, and marine hull analysis. As part of Calmar Research's internal research programs, we are studying:

  • Natural, fluid-plastic interface structures. These low energy boundaries could impact every aspect of transportation.
  • The first generation supersonic business jet (SSBJ).
  • Fuel efficiency re-design efforts for tractor-trailers.
  • Reverse Engineering and Simulation
    Calmar Research is actively exploring capabilities that will allow reconstruction and /or simulation of existing systems from their primitive design stages. This capability will allow enterprises to save time and money, by simulating the behavior of and storing the design variables of efficient systems for which they have no data or information.


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