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Revolutionary AGPS Design Platform Hits the Streets
Calmar Research Corp. is licensing technology from The Boeing Company to release cutting edge software for aerospace design applications.

For 20 years, only Boeing's top designers have had access to the Aero-Grid and Paneling System (AGPS), considered by many in the aerospace community to be the best design tool available. Now, Calmar Research Corporation is offering AGPS (JAVA-based) through a licensing agreement with the Boeing Intellectual Property Business.

"Boeing is letting the genie out of the bottle," says Garvin Forrester, Lead Engineer of Calmar Research Corporation's new Software Technology Group

Boeing developed AGPS to help engineers to create, manipulate, and interrogate precision geometry for aerospace design requirements. Unlike common CAD and grid-generation tools, AGPS provides a parametric mathematics programming language and serves both as a design tool and as a development platform used to create and trade custom design applications. Organizations leverage and retain key design knowledge by embedding expertise in custom AGPS toolkits.

AGPS provides an efficient means of developing any 3-D surface. Built-in and user-programmable features extract data for input to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other engineering analysis; results may then be imported into AGPS and displayed graphically with surface geometry data.

Marketing plans call for AGPS to be offered through annual licensing agreements. Boeing provides ongoing software updates, and Calmar's Software Technology Group provides commercial support, consulting and training.

Calmar Research Corporation (www.calmarresearch.com) provides engineering design and consulting services to the transportation and the material technologies industries. Contact: agps.support@calmarresearch.com

Based in Irvine, Calif., the Boeing Intellectual Property Business leverages Boeing's vast amount of intellectual property - including technology, patents and innovative talent -- to enhance economic profit through a variety of licensing, donation, and IP generation and protection initiatives.

Calmar Research signs contract with Boeing Management Company to distribute the Aero-Grid and Paneling System (AGPS).
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Calmar Research has filed a patent on an automatic, one handed design that introduces mechanical logic to program the shielding of medical sharps.

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